At heart, I am a director.

A director’s job is to tell story in a moving image form. They are the person with the eye on the prize, that of bringing a unifying vision to a collection of creatives working together for a single goal – to bring to life the best possible world of the story.

What that means to me, I think a great Russian filmmaker sums up well…

All that matters is that their vision should be whole, and that every word of the script should be dear to them and have passed through his (or her) own creative experience. For among the piles of written pages, and the actors, and the places chosen for locations, and even the most brilliant dialogue, and the artist’s sketches, there stands only one person: the director, and they alone, as the filter in the creative process of film-making.

Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

This website is intended to share some of my philosophy as a filmmaker. It offers an insight into my passion for storytelling in the moving image form through glimpses into my approach to story and the film production process.

Also, to thank all those who have collaborated to create these moments and provide a sampler of their endeavors, showcased here. Thanks to all who have joined the adventure or those who are about to embark and add to the magic of that ongoing journey.

This site offers just a taste of the voyage we are on. Enjoy!