New Feature


Strange Broken Sleep

We are currently in pre-production with the full-length drama feature, Strange Broken Sleep by writer/director & producer, Peter M. Kershaw

Executive Producer, Adrian Bridges

Strange Broken Sleep is being produced by Duchy Parade Films under the production company name Room 103 Productions.

Room 103 Productions logo was designed by Chad Brown Eagle

The production will take place in New Mexico.

Our Story

When a photographer loses his wife to a coma, anger leads to his own fatal fall into the realm of broken sleep, where he struggles with the forces of love and death to be reunited with his wife.

Strange Broken Sleep is a tale of hope. A contemporary story of modern life, of love and loss. Of how we imagine our lives on one path and what happens when the unexpected occurs depriving us of those we love and the ability to reach them.

A fantasy drama Strange Broken Sleep is slated to be shot 2021 and brings together a number of experienced film industry professionals as creative collaborators from across America’s Southwest.

As we get closer to production more information will appear under the NEWS page on this website.


There is a quote by John & Yoko Lennon that goes – “When you’re dead, you don’t take nothing with you but your soul.” This sentiment encapsulates what is behind our story, Strange Broken Sleep. Strange Broken Sleep is a fantasy place where a mix of dreams and memories intersect to disturb the sleeper’s rest creating a sense of jarred drifting, or floating through, real or make-believe. Characters, places, conversations which have, or might have been, or are, part of the sleeper’s present or future reality – all are presented in an imagined kaleidoscope of experiences.

Strange Broken Sleep is a fairy-tale parable, a meditation on love and death. A parable is a succinct, didactic story, in prose or verse, that illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. Here… Love can triumph, even over death.

Why must not death be redefined?
Patti Smith, Dancing Barefoot


The Coiners

I am happy to announce Duchy Parade Films has revisited the story of the Yorkshire Coiners.

This production was put on hold while relocating from the UK to the USA. Armed now with new screenwriting skills, research and development of the project has picked up from where we left off with a new exciting approach to bringing the story and characters to life.