David Forlano

David Forlano is a musician, visual artist, performance artist and the latest addition to the Southwest Special’s cast. Forlano said what intrigued him about the script were the “delicious” visuals and the dreamlike quality of the script. The character Forlano plays, Clown, was at first his experiment with acting. He had fallen in love with a monolog about a clown who couldn’t join the circus because he was scared other clowns. He did a video of his performance and sent it to Peter Kershaw, the director of the Southwest Special. A few years later, Kershaw reached out to him and asked him to bring the Clown back in his new film. Clown isn’t just a character in Southwest Special.In my work, it’s (Clown) probably an entity that’s always existed and I’ve had a curiosity about,” Forlano says. “I think of Clown as sort of a general underlying, sort of the dark side of humanity.”


Adam Kirk

Adam Kirk is the editor for Southwest Special. The film is set in Flagstaff, Arizona and mirrors the diversity of the population in the town. “Is it possible to achieve your dreams in the town or the state where you were born?” Kirk says the film asks. “Or do you have to, you know, go off to the Big Smoke and everything?” He describes the film like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, “they (audience) think they know where the story’s going, but then he (the director) goes off in a completely different direction.”

Kirk has worked with Peter Kershaw, writer & director of Southwest Special, for more than ten years. One of their short films, The Astronomer’s Sun, won 17 awards. Kirk hopes that this film, Southwest Special, will twist the audience’s expectations of other people and even themselves. He says, “I think it’s almost like a voyage of discovery and everything, for the audience.”


Indie drama feature - Southwest Special

As part of support for Southwest Special the artist Megan Dugan has been working on producing a painted art work from which we will be creating a unique tee-shirt design.

Watch this space for future details.

The artist: Megan Teresa Dugan – she signs her art MTD

Meg’s Art is on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

Painting is Meg’s favorite medium because she likes to mix colors and see what new color she gets.  She also likes drawing, especially still life.  She likes to see how the light falls on objects when she puts them on a table to draw them and see how she will draw in the light and dark around the object. Meg loves that this is different every time she does it.  She loves to make things for other people.  She will find out what their interests are and what is their personality and base what she makes for them on that.  Right now, Meg is spending a lot of time making things that she will hopefully sell at a craft fair one day.  Her process always starts with sketching out what she plans to draw or paint and then just going for it!


The Coiners

I am happy to announce Duchy Parade Films has revisited the story of the Yorkshire Coiners.

This production was put on hold while relocating from the UK to the USA. Armed now with new screenwriting skills, research and development of the project has picked up from where we left off with a new exciting approach to bringing the story and characters to life.


Keetra Bippus grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona. She attends Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She loves cats, reality TV and chickens! She’s excited to be working to promote the Southwest Special and meeting experts in the film industry. Keetra is currently conducting a series of interviews on creatives connected to the production.