The Astronomer’s Sun

Producer - Animation

Animation has always formed a special part of my signature as a filmmaker, from innovative programs for television such as The Dark Lantern with actor David Soul to film festival favorite and broadcaster C4’s The Astronomer’s Sun, to combining different forms of animation with live-action drama such as on Wilfred and Cinema of Horror, to exploring the animation experience in music videos Spirit of the Age by Hawkwind and to teaching projects like Goole Silent Movie.

The Astronomer’s Sun has won over 20 International Awards in Film Festivals around the world from Audience award, to Best of…, to Best Editing, Best Animation to Best in Fest. It continues to play festivals, approaching 100 screenings.


Henry, accompanied by his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories and follow his father on a journey into the unknown. A magical tale about relationships and what it is to be human. Winner of 20 International Best Film & Audience Awards.

The Astronomer’s Sun was made for C4 Television under the 4mations Digital Shorts Scheme, which supports emerging animators and directors. This was another chance to work with the talented innovative animator, David Bunting in a fairytale story focused on old-school animation techniques to create a tactile experience.

Editor Adam Kirk.