Begin, and Cease

Producer/Director & Writer – drama

The last thoughts of a dying man. A journey back to the beginning.

This is where it all began, my very first ‘just go shoot it’ film. Shot on 16mm film. For its time a little experimental, playing with color and B&W processing and physical decay of the image. Color represents the other realm and imagination, while black & white depicts the real world. Filmed on location in North Yorkshire and Hall Place Studios in Leeds. Deposited with the Yorkshire Film Archive.

This, my first drama film as director, features some now notable industry names: Cinematographer Giles Nuttgens (Hell or High Water, Enola Holmes) was our lighting cameraman. Voice of the small boy, J Blakeson, now a writer, director and producer (I Care a Lot, Gunpowder). Showing shorts are where a lot of talent starts out.

Here are some of my other short drama film credits from while I was learning the craft.

Bitten – Exec. Producer & 1st AD; Drumming Monkey – Producer/1st AD, Claro Films, UK; Wishbone – PM/1st AD, Red Roar Films, UK; Fishing for Compliments – PM/1st AD, NFTS, UK; Bridget & the Drowning Man – PM/1st AD, NFTS, UK; That Special Ingredient – PM/1st AD, NFTS, UK; Crash Course – PM/1st AD, NFTS, UK.