Professional Journey

I started out as an actor, trained at the Birmingham School of Speech & Drama, taking the LAMDA drama exams. Appearances in Youth Theatre in Birmingham and Solihull as well as in countless small-scale productions followed before my first real earnings in Rep, at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, for which I received a positive review in the London Times.

Wanting to direct, I took my acting earnings and bought an 8mm movie camera. Finally, made it to 16mm with the short Begin, and Cease. This short film led to working in television.


With drama & film training in the UK & US, I entered television as a researcher on factual & entertainment programs for the ITV broadcaster, Tyne Tees Television, then Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television & later, Granada.

Having trained as a production manager at the National Film & Television School, then in Beaconsfield, and working there for a number of student graduation productions as 1st AD and UPM, I quickly moved up the production line in television to associate producer and finally producer in both Regional and Network television.

With a couple of productions as producer/director for the BBC and one commissioned as a producer for C4, I spent over a decade writing, producing & directing on a range of TV series including the multi-award-winning series The A. B. C. of Christian Heritage, a two-part series, shot on location across the North-East of England on early Northern Saints and the documentary The Lindisfarne Gospels, a history, archaeology, literature program. Winners of three (NE) Royal Television Society Awards.

Both series were broadcast in the UK and sold in the United States.

I have been fortunate to work on programs with some amazing entertainers and actors like Derek Jacobi, Edward Fox, Harry Secombe, Robert Duncan and David Soul.

ITV Network producer credits include the long-running television program HIGHWAY presented by Sir Harry Secombe, with a weekly audience of 8.5 to 13 million viewers. The Dark Lantern was a live-action/animation pilot for a late-night TV series with actor David Soul as the storyteller whose tales appear in animated form.


In UK television my screen credit as a producer & director appeared on programs from Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, Border, Granada Television, the BBC and C4.

A fuller television resume can be found on my IMDb page –